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Autoworkshop Exhibition

Workshops: Organize workshops on strategies to combat challenges in the Nigerian Automotive Industry.

Industrial Infrastructure

Achievements In Industrial & Infrastructure Services: Design/Development of Automotive Mechatronics Curriculum and Its Instructional Manuals

Automotive Development Fund

The Council has developed major projects in pursuits of its mandate. These include: Automotive sub sector development fund

Local Automotive Components

Local Automotive Components / Parts Development Fund: A major factor that has militated against the development of the sub-sector has been inadequate capitalization and funding.

Auto Industry Research Fund

The Council supports research work aimed at advancing the frontiers of technological development in the sub-sector.

Industrial Infrastructure Services

Peugeot Nigeria Ltd (PAN), Kaduna - Volkswagen of Nigeria Ltd., (VWON), Lagos - Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company (ANAMMCO)

Automotive Plan

In many countries around the world, the automotive industry plays both a strategic and catalytic role in economic development in respect of the following