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Address: 13 David Ejoor Street, Abuja
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    Achievement Details

  • Category:
  • Partners: Bank of Industry, Osun state government, UNIDO, Kaiho sangyo Japan, JICA
  • Location: Nigeria
  • Objective: Funding, Loans


  • Provided over N12billion soft loans to 35 companies in collaboration with the Bank of Industry to revamp activities in the vehicle and motorcycle assembly plants and local content development. The manufacture of tyres, brake pads, batteries, filters, plastic and rubber parts, paints, etc. were supported;
  • Extended N1 billion loan to Osun state government for the establishment of an automotive mechatronic institute, which was commissioned last year;
  • Collaborated with UNIDO, Kaiho sangyo Japan to obtain 30 million Japanese Yen grant from JICA to establish a pilot automotive recycling plants in Nigeria,
  • Funded a research project for the development of biodegradable lubricant which is has been commercialized.