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Address: 13 David Ejoor Street, Abuja
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    Achievement Details

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  • Location: Nigeria
  • Objective: To increase local content contribution

Research, Design and Development

Some Achievements made so far in Automotive Research, Design and Development include, but are not limited to;

  • Software capacity building training of the SolidWorks and Midas NFX analysis software training in the six (6) geo-political zones of the country.
  • Fabrication of the chassis and independent suspension system of the ETMP prototype and assembly of the drive line is on-going
  • Signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with University of Nsukka (UNN) on the prototyping and reproduction of the Solar Recharge Electric Single Axle Tractor (SRESAT).
  • Installation and introductory training on the use of Plasma cutting machine, AMMCO brake disc lathe, Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) and CNC drilling and milling machine.
  • Construction of Design Studio complex at the Zaria office was completed and handed over to the Council.